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eBook: Improving Freight Fleet Performance and Sustainability at Once

Optimizing Freight Fleet Operations, Sustainably

For freight fleet operators running heavy-duty vehicles, including semi-trucks, optimizing for performance has always been top of mind. But optimizing for sustainability is increasingly important. Beyond the fact that a growing number of companies are setting climate goals, the very real effects of climate change are evident right in our own backyard with the wildfires raging in California and Oregon. Especially right now, as about 80 percent of freight professionals are reporting significant budget allocation changes due to the coronavirus, it can seem like these goals are mutually exclusive. But it is possible to achieve both, without sacrificing one for the other.

Get this guide to learn about:

• How regulations are driving change, now and in the future

• Overcoming common challenges like aging vehicles and shrinking budgets

• Easy-to-implement solutions like Neste MY Renewable Diesel™that help operators achieve multiple objectives at once