"Think about your equipment, think about your community, and think about the environment. It’s the right choice."

Gustavo De Leon, Jr.
Operations Manager


Made the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel in 2017


Reduced CO2 output by 2,690 metric tons per year, equivalent to planting 44,480 trees


Transformed operations to reduce fuel maintenance and environmental impact

18 Trucking switched to renewable diesel to lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% from its fleet

For 25 years, 18 Trucking has provided the San Francisco Bay Area with construction-related trucking services. The family-owned business based in Hayward, California, is committed to being a civic-minded and ecologically friendly trucking company. That’s why the company decided to make the switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel to support a more sustainable fleet. 

3 Challenges faced by 18 Trucking  

  1. Reduce carbon footprint to support sustainability efforts  
  2. Use existing vehicles with no modifications 
  3. Improve maintenance to increase life-span of fleet

As members of the heavy trucking industry, we know that our industry is very impactful on the environment.

- Gustavo De Leon Jr., Operations Manager

Carl F


In 2017, 18 Trucking switched its fleet of over 100 vehicles to run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel. As a result, 18 Trucking has reported reductions in maintenance costs and less downtime for their fleet.

What about the maintenance?
“Before Neste, we were using regular diesel fuel. We had to clean our diesel particulate filters (DPF) every six months. By switching to renewable fuel, we haven't done any cleaning on filters for a period longer than two years.”
- Gustavo De Leon, Vice President

What impact will this have on the environment?
“We work in the communities we live in, and we service our parks and jobs sites. Knowing that we are not only removing contamination from neighborhoods and local areas, but that we’re doing it in the most clean possible way is a good feeling.”
- Gustavo De Leon Jr., Operations Manager

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