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Committed to helping businesses and cities fight climate change in North America

We are a company that’s in the business of fighting climate change. 

When Neste started doing business in North America, our focus was on oil products. Now, our focus is on renewable products.

Neste is a leading supplier of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel in North America. Last year, our renewable products helped American cities and businesses keep 3.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmopshere - the same climate benefits of making 717 thousand passenger cars zero emission.  

Our flagship product, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is currently available in California and Oregon. We also provide renewable diesel to customers in British Columbia. Neste is also providing Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel, to some of America's largest airports and airlines.  Helping us in the fight against climate change are the many local partners Neste works with to safely distribute our renewable products.  

Neste also sources a large volume of waste and residue materials - like used cooking oil, grease and rendered fats -  from hotels, stadiums, restaurants and farms across North America. This supports thousands of jobs and puts money back into the pockets of local businesses. 

To support our growing presence in North America, Neste has expanded its regional headquarters in Houston, Texas. We are continuing to create and support what can be considered green jobs, with nearly 500 employees and even more contractors working together to crearte a healthier planet for future generations powered by renewables. 


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Journey to Zero

Change runs on renewables

Our future will be built on renewables. Sustainable solutions will shape the way we live and the way we travel. Neste helps transportation, aviation together with polymer and chemical industries to make their business more sustainable with a wide range of renewable products.

Neste and Mahoney Environmental 

Together, Neste and Mahoney are growing the circular economy in the United States.

Mahoney Environmental provides essential back-of-house services to thousands of commercial kitchens in restaurants, stadiums, hotels and airports across the United States. One of those services is collecting and recycling used cooking oil. Neste, in turn, buys that used cooking oil from Mahoney and turns it into renewable products. 

Neste and Mahoney are uniquely positioned to offer an integrated circular economy - one where we can can convert America's waste into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel or renewable plastics to help power America's economy. 

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