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Committed to helping businesses and cities fight climate change in North America

We are a company that’s in the business of fighting climate change.  Our role is to help create a more sustainable energy and transportation system. One that fights - not contributes to - climate change and  air pollution. 

When Neste started doing business in North America, our focus was on oil products. We provided special grades of gasoline that met California’s strict fuel requirements, and going even further back we collected crude oil by truck from the Texas oil patch. 

Now, our focus is on renewable products. Each year, Neste brings more than 250 million gallons of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel into North America. We are also focused on enabling cities and businesses to create a circular economy.

Neste is uniquely positioned to do this. We’ve created a transparent, end-to-end value chain where we can trace our renewable products back to the raw materials used to make them. To put it simply, any business or city that generates waste and residue materials can partner with Neste to certifiably convert their own trash into fuels to power their fleets.

Our flagship product, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is currently available in California and Oregon. We also provide renewable diesel to customers in British Columbia. To date, our renewable diesel has replaced more than 1.6 billion gallons of fossil diesel in the U.S. and Canada, helping keep people, goods and the economy moving with significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution. Neste is also growing the market for sustainable aviation fuel, with offtake agreements in place with several major U.S. airlines.   

The U.S. and Canada play a big role in our sustainable renewable product supply chain. To create our advanced biofuels, we source a significant volume of waste and residue materials - like used cooking oil, grease and rendered fats -  from hotels, stadiums, restaurants and farms across North America. This supports thousands of jobs and puts money back into the pockets of local businesses. We are also working with local partners to research and develop a new generation of even lower carbon intensity raw materials. 

To support our growing presence in North America, Neste has expanded its regional headquarters in Houston, Texas. We are continuing to create and support green jobs, with more than 300 direct employees and even more contractors working to safely deliver our fuels to customers and keep our supply chain moving. 


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Neste and Mahoney Environmental 

Neste acquired Illinoise based Mahoney Environmental. This is our largest, single investment in the U.S. to date and is a cornerstone of our growth strategy in North America. 

Mahoney Environmental is the right partner for Neste. They are a company that provides essential back-of-house services to thousands of commercial kitchens in restaurants, stadiums, hotels and airports across the United States. One of those services is collecting and recycling used cooking oil. Neste buys that used cooking oil from Mahoney, and turns it into advanced biofuels. 

Going forward, Neste and Mahoney will be looking for opportunities to offer businesses and cities ciruclar solutions. Together, we can collect and convert any customer's used cooking oil into 100% renewable advanced biofuels to power their fleets. 

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