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Neste & Mahoney Circular economy
Circular economy

Neste’s acquisition of US-based company Mahoney Environmental closed

Stephan Krueger, Manager, Feedstocks and Production Platform at Neste Germany Circular economy
Circular economy

The Brave and the innovative: The disruptive mission of Stephan Krueger

Sustainable future with plastic Circular economy
Circular economy

Where next for plastic?

Neste: A dynamically changing oil market does not come without challenges. Demand for oil is projected to grow until the late 2030’s, driven mainly by Asia and balanced by a decline in Europe. Base oils
Base oils

Guest blog: Our sustainable approach to the future of oil refining


Neste is closely monitoring the impacts of the Coronavirus

Last weeks have proved good capabilities to act on a pandemic. Why don’t we feel the same  kind of urgency towards it as we have for coronavirus? Climate change
Climate change

Our capability to act on a pandemic gives hope for mitigating climate change

Climate change
Climate change

Neste sets an ambitious target for carbon neutral production by 2035

Circular economy
Circular economy

Borealis producing certified renewable polypropylene from Neste’s renewable propane at own facilities in Belgium

Ideas man Kai Larnimaa Sustainability

The brave and the innovative: Ideas man Kai Larnimaa