Coming Together to Combat COVID-19

Together with our partners, Neste is doing its part in navigating these changing times and fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with being committed to combating COVID-19, Neste’s goal is to create a better world for future generations through clean, sustainable transportation solutions. After all, Neste is still a company that’s in the business of fighting climate change. And now, our employees and partners are taking that passion and bringing it to the fight against COVID-19. 

We appreciate our employees and partners for their dedication during these unprecedented times!

Neste and its many partners are working together to help communities across the globe fight covid-19 and climate change. 

In the United States, more specifically in California and Oregon, Neste and our trusted distributors continue to safely and consistently provide advanced biofuels so critical services that are essential to preserving our quality of life. Importantly. Neste’s renewable fuels are keeping vehicles moving with a much smaller carbon footprint and less pollution vs. fossil diesel.  

Helping fight Covid-19 in California and Oregon

In fact, to date, Neste and our partners have supplied more than 1.6 billion gallons of renewable diesel to California cities and businesses.

In California, many forward-thinking cities like, Oakland, Beverly Hills and San Leandro, use Neste MY Renewable Diesel to power their municipal services. From garbage and recycling collection trucks to buses and ambulances to fire trucks and other heavy equipment, we are supporting cities during these difficult times. 

In addition, environmentally conscious businesses are using Neste MY Renewable Diesel to deliver food to grocery stores, packages to homes and businesses across the state, and bring needed goods to rural, suburban and urban communities. 

Providing essential services during challenging times

We are now adding the fight against hunger alongside our battle against climate change and Covid-19.  Many people across the United States are now struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table due to covid-19. In Alameda County in Northern California, thousands are finding themselves turning to non-profit organizations like Meals on Wheels. That is why Neste has decided to partner with Meals on Wheels of Alameda County to provide nutritious meals to those who need a helping hand.  

Neste and Meals on Wheels of Alameda County have set an ambitious target to raise more than $70,000, which is enough to provide more than 7,000 nutritious meals to those in need – namely the elderly and infirmed, the newly unemployed and other economically disadvantaged people.  

Neste has already committed $32,450, and is working with its many trusted partners to reach our $70,000 target. 

Fighting covid-19 and hunger in Alameda County

Neste’s country wide renewable raw material supply chain is also continuing to benefit Americans and US businesses. Each day Neste, our colleagues at Mahoney Environmental, and many other suppliers continue to safely source used cooking oil, grease, and other wastes and residues from industrial kitchens across the United States. This keeps Americans employed and provides additional value generation for American businesses. 

The used cooking oil, grease and other wastes and residue materials  contain carbon that has been pulled out of our atmosphere. Neste recycles - or rather upcycles - this carbon into renewable products that are, among other things, fueling multiple essential services in cities across California and Oregon. When these fuels are used, the already existing carbon is re-released and then sequestered in raw materials that go right back into our renewable raw material value chain. So, we can use the same carbon over and over again to keep America moving. 

Responding to and recovering from  COVID-19 is our priority. At the same time,  Neste is continuing on our journey to cultivate a healthier planet for future generations by providing solutions to solve the climate crisis. 

Neste is what is called a “Green Swan” – having made a bold transition from an oil company to a renewable products company nearly 15 years ago. Today, approximately 30 percent of the renewable products Neste makes come to North America and we are expanding production capacity and our supply chain, so we can make even more renewable products available. 

let's build back better

In 2019, Neste’s renewable products prevented 9.6 million tons of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere. We want that number to get up to 20 million tons by 2030. 

At Neste our business is driven by our values. We care, we have courage and we collaborate. These values guide us in our fight against climate change, and inspire us to step up and help fight covid-19. have many goals. These are values shared by every member of the Neste family - both employees and partners. 

Thank you to our employees and partners on the frontlines of the climate crisis and battle against COVID-19