How to translate sustainable choices into brand benefits?

Salla Ahonen, Neste’s VP for Sustainability, has closely followed the climate change awareness of companies in recent years.

According to Ahonen, climate choices and policies are becoming more widespread but could be communicated more effectively.

“The company's sustainable choices resonate with buyers and end users most effectively when they are shown to genuinely solve the pressing sustainability challenges of your business. The actions you take should be fully integrated into the everyday of your business, not superimposed or a green veneer”, says Ahonen.

Your customer appreciates actions against climate change

According to Ahonen, we need to combat climate change now.

“Be the first to take action, and make sure to communicate the commitment from a viewpoint that is meaningful to your customers”, Ahonen advises.

In order to create effective brand benefits, it is essential to understand the types of things that buyers and end users really appreciate in corporate sustainability.

“Highlight your company's efforts to reduce carbon footprint in a way that is relevant to your target groups. Draft a message that catches attention and resonates with them”, Ahonen says.

“It is important to make your sustainability message relatable to your clientele. Typically, talking about climate change often works with all audiences, because it is on everyone’s radar at the moment. Combating it is always a strong and powerful message.”

Showcase your partners to gain positive momentum

According to Neste’s VP for Sustainability, Salla Ahonen, partnerships and cooperation play an important role in creating climate-friendly campaigns.

Ahonen suggests that all partners participating in the collaboration should be highlighted in everyone’s campaign communication in order to maximise the brand value created.

“Even the best projects could not be executed or promoted without a solid partner network. There is no point in trying to do everything by yourself, when you can join forces”, Ahonen emphasizes.


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