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18 Trucking, Construction Related Trucking Company, California

18 Trucking, a construction trucking services company based in Hayward, California, is reporting reductions in maintenance costs and less downtime for their fleet after switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.

“After running Neste MY in our vehicles for a while, I noticed that I was not taking my trucks out of service for routine maintenance as often as before the switch,” said Gustavo Deleon, vice president of 18 Trucking. “When I was using other fuels, I had to take the trucks out to do a DPF service every 6 to 8 months. We’ve been using Neste MY for several years now, and we have never had to clean them yet.”

18 Trucking

Diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, are an engine aftertreatment system designed to reduce emissions from diesel engines. Because they become clogged over time from soot and other particulate matter, the vehicles must routinely be taken out of service to clear these systems of the backup.

“We’re happy to hear about the benefits to the DPF systems that 18 Trucking has seen, and are excited for them to discover all the other ways Neste MY Renewable Diesel keeps engine systems clean,” said Matt Leuck, technical manager for Neste US. “They’ll start to see cleaner filters, fuel injectors that last longer, less wear on fuel pumps, and no microbial contamination. Their maintenance savings really have just begun.”


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