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Cherokee Freight Lines, Trucking Service Company, California

Cherokee Freight Lines, a Northern California trucking company, switched its entire fleet of more than 200 trucks to run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.

Cherokee Freight Lines is a diversified carrier of food grade commodities, specializing in kosher-certified hauling and serving some of the largest companies in the nation. They were an early adopter of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, which they began testing in February 2017.


“The transition to Neste MY Renewable Diesel was super easy,” said Richard Damilano, operations manager, Cherokee Freight Lines. ”It’s a drop-in fuel replacement so the switch was seamless. We have been using the product for three years now and it has been a great transition for us,” he said.

The company is reporting significant reductions in fuel and maintenance costs over the last year, especially with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and injector maintenance.

 “Overall the trucks are running better than before,” said Shop Foreman Art Cortez. “With the combination of Neste MY Renewable Diesel and our new equipment, we have seen an improvement in fuel economy.”

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