Neste Diesel - you can rely on it

We supply a wide range of low-emission, sulfur-free diesel fuels for use at all times of year. We are very proud supplier of Northern Canada with our arctic grade diesel.

How cold can it get?

Neste arctic diesel is our solution for the toughest Nordic conditions, where temperatures can drop very low. It can also be added to other diesel grades in any proportion to improve their cold-weather operability without increasing the risk of damage to injection pumps or engines.

Grade Usage Cloud point Plugging point
Neste diesel -0/-10 Summer -0 °C -10 °C
Neste diesel -5/-15 Spring, summer, fall -5 °C -15 °C
Neste diesel -10/-20 Spring, summer, fall -10 °C -20 °C
Neste diesel -15/-25 Spring, fall -15 °C -25 °C
Neste diesel -29/-34 Winter -29 °C -34 °C
Neste arctic diesel -40/-44 Winter -40 °C -44 °C

Key benefits

Developed for extreme conditions
Neste diesel fuel has been developed for the tough driving conditions of Finland and the Nordic region.

Full product range
Neste supplies a full range of diesel fuels for summer, winter, and extreme cold use.